Coventry Eagle Motorcycles

This site is dedicated to all models of Coventry Eagle Motorcycle and Autocycle built in the Coventry factories between 1900 and 1940. Coventry Eagle produced a wide range of motorcycles over the 40 years of production. Models varied from the "go to work" two-stroke with pressed steel frame to the famous 1000cc V twin Flying 8 super sports.

I have carried out research into the Coventry Eagle Motorcycle Company and its motorcycles over many years and, until recently; I was the VMCC Marque Specialist. I have gathered together much information and knowledge about Coventry Eagle.

My book "Coventry Eagle - The History of a Motorcycle Company" was published in 2010. Unfortunately all electronic and printed copies of the book have now been sold.

The following pages provide a brief History of the Coventry Eagle Motorcycle Company, a Photo Gallery containing photographs of Coventry Eagle Motorcycles and details of Support provided.

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John Hodson