I support owners and other people interested in Coventry Eagle motorcycles.
- Dating of Coventry Eagle models.
- Information on nearly all models.
- Advice on repair and restoration.

Over the years I have made contact with the owners of a range of Coventry Eagle models. It is possible that someone has a model similar or identical to yours and that they are willing to provide advice or help.
Spare Parts
- Spare parts specifically for Coventry Eagles are often very difficult to find. Motorcycle autojumbles, Internet auction sites and advertising in specialist motorcycle magazines (the VMCC Journal and Old Bike Mart for example) might yield the parts required.

- A wide range of engines were fitted to Coventry Eagles over the years, such as JAP (JA Prestwich), Matchless, Sturmey Archer and Villiers. Clubs or a spares supplier specialising in these makes might be able to help with repairs or spare parts.

- The National Motorcycle Museum has a range of Coventry Eagle Manuals for sale,

- Transfers (decals) for nearly all models are available from Classic Transfers, .

- A useful source of reprinted manuals and spares lists is at: .The website also provides useful links to the suppliers of spares and services.

- Other than for my own machines, I do not have spare parts. If you have Coventry Eagle spare parts to sell it might be possible to advertise on this website. Please contact me via the Contact Us page.

- Please note that I am not able to give advice on the value of machines you might be selling or considering purchasing.


Unfortunately the Coventry Eagle factory records were destroyed in 1940. I keep a spreadsheet containing details (engine, frame and gearbox numbers etc.) of some Coventry Eagle motorcycles, it should be noted that this register is far from comprehensive. I can look up and supply information if requested but it should be noted that any information I give for the age or model of a motorcycle will be approximate and unlikely to satisfy the UK DVLA. I am not in a position to supply Dating Certificates. To add a motorcycle to the register or receive help or advice contact me via the Contact Us page.

Scaleby Hill Motorcycle Museum

Mike, a former solo and sidecar competitor, has a small but very interesting motorcycle museum near Carlisle, UK. Mike has at least eight pressed steel frame Coventry Eagles. At the time of my visit the Coventry Eagles on display included two rare Pullman models, a Sports model with JAP four stroke engine, a Silent Superb with the more usual Villiers two stroke engine and a 98cc Villiers powered Fly-Ette. A rare 1932 model with Coventry Eagle's own engine was awaiting restoration. For more information and prior to a visit phone Mike on 01228 675117 or 07808 867419.

Sunbeam Motorcycle Club

Despite its name this club welcomes members with any make of motorcycle. Established in 1924 the club caters for Veteran (pre-1915), Vintage (1915-1930), Post Vintage (1931-1939) and Sporting Trials (pre-1965 and Modern Trials bikes). Your Coventry Eagle will be eligible for entry into many of the club's events. See for more information including membership details.